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Hey everyone, I'm new here, and im from Canada. Reggae is my favourite type of music, I play bass in a reggae/ska band.

Just a few thoughts.

This community is all about reggae, right? But it seems like most people aren't paying attention to other great reggae artists! Dont get me wrong, I love Bob Marley. He's probably my favourite reggae artist. But what about the others? What about artists like Jimmy Cliff, the Upsetters, and Toots and the Maytals? Newer bands too, like the Aggrolites, the Slackers, Westbound Train, etc.

As well, I think people should be promoting a lot of newer, not so well known bands from where you live. I'll start it off. Here's a fantastic ska/reggae band from around here called the Expos. They just got signed to Stomp records, and theyre going on a Canada/US tour sometime soon. (they used to be called The Donuts)

Do the Reggay!


EDIT: I just realized the community name is marley_fans. But on the userinfo it says everything reggae, and the title is reggae. So I still stand by my statement, but maybe to a lesser extent haha.
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